Food and beverages have become the central parts of our body and life. Therefore, we have absolute faith that good quality food and beverages must have come not only just from good sources, but also to maintain the freshness and the goodness of the products, they must be handled and stored with the state of the art.

About Us

Duotama Unggul Bersama is a specialty frozen and chilled meat distributor that began from the best local livestock around Indonesia as well as world’s quality livestock, moreover, we have evolved our product SKU into the potato, pasta, sauces, mix spices and proceed foods.

DUB (Duotama Unggul Bersama) focuses on 2 core strategy:

1st is to become strategically for our principle and become the Indonesia representatives marketing agency for food and beverage products both local or overseas brands.

2nd is to be the closest friend for our customers by listening to their problems and strives to provide them an endless aftersales service which results in the alternative brands for food and beverage products.

Duotama Unggul Bersama live on 3 FUNDAMENTAL aspects, which are to be the most friendly aftersales service, to be entrusted with guaranteed products and to be the reliable problem solutions as well as customer buying experience is being our utmost concern throughout the year and counting.

The company runs by a two mature young men, one of us, Anton Wibowo, whose degree based on culinary and had to experience in giving customers satisfaction, were focusing on sales and marketing as well and build a leader character within our team. Whom the other is Shandy Zhuang, he has strong finance background with extensive experience in a big multinational bank which enables him to lead the finance to grow and give the company a strong cash flow position and future likeliness.


Our goals are to be a trustworthy company to work with, for our cashflow, product management, distribution, sales and marketing, and also to always thrives for annual substantial growth by keep on innovating and delivery services, and lastly to have a long lasting business partnership by focusing on Win-Win solutions through all our stakeholders.


We serve our customers ranging from the product to the delivery service. We also take care of their goods from the arrival at the port to their doorstep. By committing to those services, we are fully aware that systems, tools, and the people’s need are carefully selected and trained.

Plus point, we also join forces with chefs and restaurant owners to build relations and looking for potential supply support. It helps them a lot in terms of reducing the production costs by offering the substitute products with the same qualities and benefits. We also suggest them new menus along with its available materials. By expanding our market, we’re rising from b2b to b2c as well as direct sales through platform development.

Our Products

We deliver everything you need to create delicious foods from scratch so you spend less time seeking!. Also we work closely with our trusted suppliers to source fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm. We are ready to lead you to fire up your culinary business. Wait no more, contact us now!.

Get in Touch

Everything required for delicious meals every day is carefully planned, sourced and delivered to your front door at the time most convenient for you.

Whether you have a question about source, food, pricing, need a demo or anything else our team is ready to answer all your questions. We provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!